Unleash the Tides of Doom


Sorry I’ve been slightly absent.  I got back into World of Warcraft.  Again.

You know how that goes.



I mean, let’s face it; like every other cinematic Blizzard creates, you watch it, and it’s so easy to hop right back in.  Especially when one of your favorite characters is in the cinematic!





(Not Varian. But he’s cool I guess)


I’m hoping this expansion holds my interest a little more than Warlords of Draenor did.  I’ll be honest, the first month was awesome.  I LOVED leveling in Draenor; not having a flying mount didn’t really deter me.  But, because I don’t raid and I don’t PvP, that’s where it fell flat for me.  I hoped to turn my garrison into a cash mine (because having gold and being able to spend it is awesome), but even that fell flat.  I did the occasional mount run, but that’s it really.

I’ll probably start streaming my escapades in the Lost Isles, and some stuff prior to then.  In the mean time, I’m going to relearn how to play my hunter!

…wait, I have a melee spec now?



Tune of Currents – Bombshell from Hell


One of the games I recently picked up during the Steam summer sale was Bombshell.  I played through some of it for a couple of hours.  Overall, it’s okay, but it glitched pretty bad on me.  I wanted to like it more than I did, but can’t win them all.

Although, one of the games strongest points is the music!  I was definitely drawn to the start screen music upon starting the game.


As I played through more, the breakdowns from this music caught me off guard.






What a fun soundtrack!  As frustrated as I got with choppiness of the game, I still want to continue with it.  I’m a huge fan of hard rock and heavy metal, and that really helps with connecting with this game.

When I first heard the name Bombshell (and before I even knew the soundtrack was predominately metal), it reminded me of the song “Bombshell from Hell” by Scum of the Earth.



I’m actually more inspired to start practicing music again, to be honest…






+3 to Armor – Butt Stallion Says Hello


My god, how did these people create Handsome Jack?  Yeah, you want to hate on the villain, but he’s more of a hate to love character, rather than love to hate.



I previously mentioned my Borderlands obsession, so it’s only right I show off one of my favorite shirts in my wardrobe.



No piss for brains here!  There’s really only one word to describe this shirt (and a pony made of diamonds): MAJESTIC.

This shirt can be found at the Gearbox store here!  They’re currently sold out of ladies shirts at the moment, but here’s to hoping they will restock soon!




Attack on Wallet – Steam Sale Haul



No.  Don’t give me that judgmental look that you give to people that buy Steam games.  This shit was AWESOME.

i regret nothing

Some of the stuff I bought was on my wishlist for a long time.  Some weren’t on for that long.  Some weren’t even on the wish list AT ALL.  But, that’s what the summer sale is all about; having you buy games that you don’t really need; between a good price and a good game, what more do you need?



Aquaria is a sidescrolling indie game that caught my eye.  It’s a very intriguing Metroidvania type game you swim instead of platform.  I’ve been drawn (no pun intended) to games with cartoon graphics like this, so I’m excited to try this out.  This game is also about eight years old I believe, and holds up very well.



It took every fiber of my being to avoid this bandwagon.  But after seeing Manchild play it on Xbox One, and played both a Batmobile and a Delorean, I gave it.  Raise the white flag, I’m DONE.



Here’s another bandwagon I tried to avoid.  I failed horribly at it.  I keep hearing and reading good things about it.  The price, even when it’s not on sale, is good. Even I have no excuse to not check this game out.



Bombshell is quite possibly the most guilty pleasure on this list.  Of course I’m a sucker for female protagonists, but I really wanted a game that was like Diablo, but not Diablo. I wanted the isometric, top down, action game.  This fit the bill, and I’m willing to look past the lackluster reviews for a character who’s personality seems to be molded after mine, only way cooler.




Victor Vran is basically the Witcher and Diablo mashed together.  No seriously, the voice actor for Geralt is in the game!  I never hit an “Add to Cart” button so fast…



This was a queue recommendation, and man, this trailer had me HOOKED.  The tone reminded me a lot of Deus Ex, but as a sidescroller.  I love the art, and the cyberpunk theme.  I don’t know too much about cyberpunk, so here’s to this game being a good intro to the theme.



The music in this trailer is so dreamy and romantic.  It was hard to pull away from watching this trailer, then proceeding to buy the game.  This was definitely an impulse buy.  The artwork also has me absolutely enthralled.  This will be a nice change of pace from the fast action of other games I have in my collection.



This is a true diamond in the rough game.  EXTREMELY underrated game.  The story of the studio behind this game is a sad tale; they basically had to sell X amount of copies to break even.  It did not sell right away, and the company went out of business, never to make a sequel.  It’s a very ambitious action RPG game.  This game also falls into the type of games that are my favorite, the basic create your own character, be the hero to you own story.  I played it previously on PS3 (but didn’t get too far into it), so I definitely had to get it for another platform.



This game is basically what Assassin’s Creed Chronicles tried to be.  This game just does it better with the storytelling and the art.  What I love about Mark of the Ninja as well is it’s modern day, so there are guns and technology you have to stealth around.  So excited to finally try it out!



It’s no surprise I have a bit of an obsession with Borderlands games.  As I patiently wait for Borderlands 3 to be announce, I have the games on multiple platforms to hold me over.  I’ve also taken up playing Telltale games the past year or so.  I played this game on PS4 previously, and am excited to laugh again with the PC version.

That’s it for my Steam Summer Sale haul.  I did pretty good I think!  I could have bought WAY more.  Way…way…more…


+3 to Armor – May My Aim Be True

Sorry I’ve been somewhat absent past couple of days. I started working on some other projects and of course networking to make this entertaining blog much more entertaining!

I went to Florida Supercon yesterday, and have much to say (and show!). But, I will delve into that in a later post. In the meantime, I wanted to bring back my outfit of the day posts to keep things going here.

The other day I wore my Sylvanas Windrunner scoop neck shirt!



I love this shirt because of the Horde symbol as her hood.  The skulls on her shoulder pads are awesome too, because skulls.

It’s a versatile top as well; I have dressed it down with jeans and flats, and I’ve dressed it up with leggings, boots, jewelry, and darker makeup.

You can purchase it here from J!NX.

Trailer Reaction – E3 Reveals Part 2

I’m back for another round of E3 trailers.  I know, I know; everyone’s busy with the big Steam Summer Sale at the moment.  Myself included.



While I work on my super ultra summer sale haul for a later post, here are my thoughts on a few more games shown at E3.  If you want to see the first round of trailer reactions I did, check out my post here.



At first I wasn’t to keen on this title.  Much like the Mass Effect trilogy, I wanted God of War 3 to be the end all, be all.  I like that Kratos is older, and gives a little insight to his life after the events in the trilogy.  The over the shoulder camera positioning is WAY different than what we’re normally used to in hack and slash games.  I’m intrigued for sure.  I’m not as well versed in Norse mythology, which is what this game seems to be going for.


I love my PS4 to death.  It’s a great console.  But unfortunately, my library for it is pathetic.  I’m a proponent for console exclusives, and the non-remastered exclusives I have are…not much.  I’m DYING for this new IP.  I love the idea of robot dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic world.  It looks amazing, and it looks like fun!  Like many games that get pushed back, I only hope that the extra time put into the game makes it a good game.




I’m not sure what is going on here.  I’m confused, I’m excited, I’m intrigued, and I’m overall weirded out by this trailer.  It seems like Kojima and Norman Reedus wanted to salvage Silent Hills PT.  My only concern with a game like this is, I hope that this game will stand on its own legs, and not just be a game EXACTLY like Silent Hill.  I sincerely hope that people look at this game and think, “Death Stranding,” and not “What Silent Hills PT Should Have Been.”

Trailer Reaction – E3 Reveals: Part 1


E3 has come to a close, and I now that I have had some time to gather my thoughts and process everything that happened, I want to share them with you.  This E3, I must say is the BIGGEST…

…letdown ever.

With the exception of a handful of games with confirmed release dates, I felt like everyone who had presentations pretty much said, “This is what we’re working on, and it’s AWESOME…but you have to wait until 2017 for it.”  And what do we get on the interim?  REMASTERS.


I want to look forward to new IPs, new sequels, NEW ANYTHING…and we get stuck with remasters of games.  This remaster shit is getting ridiculous, but that’s a rant for another time.

I found this E3 to be EXTREMELY disappointing.

I’ll be breaking down my thoughts on a few games, and since there is a LOT of stuff, I’ll probably take a few posts to say it all.  I’ll also round up the videos shown.  This is also in no particular order; some trailers I truly enjoyed and some just didn’t excite me as much as they should have.

I’ll go ahead and start with probably the most obvious and probably most exciting part of E3; Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!


This looks STUNNING.  I already see myself getting lost for weeks, maybe even MONTHS.  I am playing this game through and through, and will 100% if I can.

But…I can’t help but dread that this game isn’t coming out until 2017.  This is after TWO delays, and it’s now being made with the NX console as the focus.  I look forward to a new console, but going a whole console generation without a new Zelda game (NOT A REMASTER) doesn’t sit right with me.  However, one thing I’ve learned about Nintendo, is that when they push back a game, it ends up being epic.  They did the dual console transition thing with the Gamecube, the Wii and Twilight Princess, so this could be epic.



Mass Effect: Andromeda…Oh man, this game…Action RPGs are my favorite types of games.  I love creating my own characters and being the hero…or villain, depending how I’m feeling that day.  However, I still have my reservations on this game.  I’m excited, but at the same time I feel the original trilogy should be the end all, be all game.  I’m still not sure how a sequel to the trilogy would be, as there would have to be some form of canonical ending.  It looks promising, and I do love at the end when who we presume is the commander says, “We made it.”



This is how you admit you made a mistake; you make up for it by LISTENING to your audience, and give them what they want.  I got burnt out from the multiplayer in Titanfall, so the fact that there is an actual single player campaign has me excited.  I also hope there is an offline mode where you can play against the AI, if you don’t want to play online multiplayer, or just want to practice before you take on fellow gamers.  This is wishful thinking on my part, but here’s to hoping this game is a lot better than the first.

As you can see, I have some excitement, but a lot of reservations going into the second half of the year.  This is just the start of it, and in my next post, I’ll show of three more trailers/gameplay videos and wonder how badly will I need these games when they come out.


Why I’m Not Allowed in Betas


I did the Star Wars Battlefront beta.  I liked it.  I really did.  I wasn’t entirely sold on some things, but it was a beta, how unfinished could it be?

Then the season pass debauchery.  The gamer has to pay $120 for a full game.

I made my view on this very clear to EA when they asked for my opinion.



Hm…haven’t gotten this feedback box again in awhile…

Legend of the Manchild – Part 3


That’s right, I made this fucking story a trilogy.  All the best games and movies are trilogies, and this IS the best story of my life.  Just like games and movies though, you might want to read part 1 and part 2 before the EPIC conclusion.

It was time for Renaissance Festival.  I was so excited about drinking mead to my heart’s content and not having to worry about driving, it didn’t click that:

A. This really good looking dude was picking my dumb ass up.

B. I was single.

C. So was he.

Nah, I was more concerned with drinking and NOT driving.


He picked me up.  We talked about video games; there was a friendly debate on imperials and dark elves in our respective adventures in Skyrim. He was excited for Mass Effect 3, and I was looking forward to the new World of Warcraft expansion. We talked heavy metal music, concerts, and guitars.

It was a fun day! He ran into some of his friends, I ran into some of mine.  He bought a couple of beers, I bought a couple of beers.  We caught some shows, bought useless crap we didn’t need, and that was the end of it. He dropped me off at my place, and we hugged.  He drives off.  I had a good day with a friend.

It was about 3am later that night I woke myself up and realized I started having a crush on him.



Ah, crap.

I tried really…REALLY hard to not like him, given that at this point, the on/off previous fling had PROPOSED to the girl he left me for.



It was about a month of wrestling with myself, trying to get the nerve to shoot a text.  A simple, “hey.” That’s all it took, right?

I hadn’t heard from him at all since we went to Renaissance festival together, so I figured he really did see me as a wingwoman, not HIS woman.  Oh well.

“Hey!  Sorry I haven’t reached out to you, this month is the busiest time at my job.  Wanna grab some drinks?”


We set a time and a place.  I tried styling my hair every which way, put on and took off different shades of lipstick and eye makeup.  My gracefulness and ladylike charm is unfortunately below the average female standard; I looked and felt ridiculous no matter what I did.


I finally took a deep breath.  He’ll just have to accept that I’m a giant ball of awkward.  If he runs screaming the other way, I’ll just move on to the next one.

We met at the bar, ordered some beers, and it was chill again.  It was just like Renaissance festival where it was just…easy.  Comfortable, even.  Things got a little deeper, but not too deep; favorite video games topics, books, movies, and bands.  Talking about everything with him came so natural.

He walked to my car. There was an awkward shyness in the air between us.  I was thinking about kissing him…and thinking about how it might be weird.  Maybe he should lead? No, don’t wait…Yes, wait…



I looked into his eyes.  He looked into mine.  We both leaned in at the same time and kissed.  It was mutual perfection.  All the worries of life melted away at that moment.

Later that night, I was tucked away into bed, staring at the ceiling.  Not in a bad way though; it was more of a reflection of the night’s events.  I told myself to let things run its course; if it didn’t work out with this guy, it’ll be fine.  If things do work out…well now, aren’t you glad you took the chance then?



Three jobs (for him), two jobs (for me), two music festivals, a family vacation to New Jersey, a pet hamster, an OBSCENE amount of video games bought, played, movies watched, concerts attended, pizza eaten, and an apartment in the span of four and a half years, we are here.

I would end this with a happily ever after. But there’s so much for us left to learn and explore together, happily ever after makes me feel like it’s, “the end.”  We are from the end. Here’s to us living life together, making life better for each other, being AWESOME because of each other.




I Ran Out of Ice Jokes – Battleborn Review


I’m a huge fan of the Borderlands franchise, so when this new title was announced, I was pretty excited for it.  I love the cartoon-like shading, the character design is crazy good; the characters are unique and are different from one another.  I love playing as a different character every time I play (at least the ones I’ve played so far).  I love the humor each character has (at least the ones I’ve played so far).  Gearbox has an interesting sense of humor that I connected with in Borderlands, and I connect with it in this game as well.


I also love hearing familiar voice actors!  I definitely heard Roland and Tiny Tina’s voice actors.  I’m sure the majority of Borderlands voice actors are also in this game, I just haven’t connected them yet.

There are a few downsides to this game though.  This is definitely a group game; it’s much more fun with friends.  There’s great multiplayer, but I had a hard time grouping up for the campaign.  While I got most of the chapters done, the game is so reliant on the online-only aspect.  I’d join a chapter meant for three people, but one would lag or disconnect, making it much harder than it should to be.  I had a few failed missions because of the the dependence on other players.  It also too me awhile to realize that “Private Game” meant I had to invite people on my friends list to do a chapter.



I also wasn’t crazy about the initial character selection.  The prologue starts off with playing as Mellka, which is a character I enjoyed for my playstyle.  But then she becomes locked and you are limited again.  I did find a good groove with Montana, he’s probably my favorite character to play.  You unlock characters as you either play through the campaign or level up.

Which brings me to what I don’t like about this game AT ALL; leveling.  Leveling up is SLOW.  After quite a few hours put into the game, I’m only level seven, and have maybe a third of the characters unlocked.  I also have the season pass, and it’s a little ridiculous that there is a new character (Alani) included with the season pass, but I can’t play as her because I need to unlock her, AND use in game credits to purchase her…um, what?


Overall, this is a potentially fun game once you are higher level and have all the characters unlocked.  I really think all characters should be available off the bat because every player has a different playstyle, and the characters available initially will not suit someone’s playstyle.  I also wish there was some sort of single player, offline mode of some sort so I could experience the story better.

Also, I had such good experiences with Borderlands season passes, I was really hoping for this to be just as good.  Gearbox is usually good about listening to their fans, so I hope the improvements they make in the future will make the game more enjoyable for those that want to make it to higher level things.